Building a Sustainable Business with the Freemium Model

Today I’m presenting Building a Sustainable Business with the Freemium Model at WordCamp Phoenix.


Freemium is an excellent business model to promote your product and your brand. We’ll look at some of the strategies that work well with Freemium and some strategies that don’t work that well.


  • Advantages of freemium / open source
  • Freemium models
  • The WordPress culture


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2 thoughts on “Building a Sustainable Business with the Freemium Model

  1. Enjoying your time and messages, Patrick :)
    Anna Weber | Literary Strategist


    Freemium pricing strategy seems to be better option while moving forward. There are many companies who have successfully implemented. Recently in an interview with Neil Patel , he mentioned the importance of Freemium model for entrepreneurs in 2014.

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