Maximize Your Creative Energy

This post is the 26th post in the Blogging For Hippo series but this isn’t the 26th post I’ve written. It’s actually the 30th. And that’s because over the past month I’ve had a few days where I had a lot of creative energy and when it hits I take advantage of it. I can’t tell you what works for other people but I can tell you that all my best work gets done in spurts and you need to maximize those spurts to get your real work done.

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Let Projects Die

I’ve been thinking a lot about business this week. I’ve actually published three posts on it already and I could probably write a dozen more. This week I wrote about how to grow your business, minding your own business when you work for someone else, and the numbers of my own business. I’ve been trying to think of the best decision I made this year and it took me a while to come up with the answer. I had to look at some numbers, some products, and dig through my email. And once I saw that email I knew I found it.

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Think Different to 10x Your Business

I love this time of year. I love perusing the blogosphere as everyone starts publishing posts about how their year went. I love the introspection. We’re so go-go-go that we never take the time to reflect. That makes this time of year that much more important. I stumbled onto Curtis McHales’ post about 10x-ing your business and I wanted to unpack the message a little more.

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Mind Your Own Business

I’ve really been getting into building a business and personal finance. One of the many books I read this year was Rich Dad Poor Dad. The author, Robert Kiyosaki, talks a lot about investing, real estate, and understanding the difference between an asset and a liability. There are so many good points in the book but perhaps one of the most important is mind your own business.

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2014 Business Review

One of the most important things you can do is to look back from time to time and review where you are. Where did you start this year? Where did you end? Are you on the right path?

I did this last year after just getting into doing commercial plugin development and a lot has changed and my end of the year numbers (below) are very different.

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Tell Users What You’re Doing

Cat Surprise

Imagine coming home from a long day of work. You open the front door, set down your keys, take off your shoes, and then see a present on the kitchen table. If you have a partner living with you it’s probably a nice gesture of some sort. But what if you’re the only person with keys to your home? Then it gets creepy right?

That’s what I experienced today. Not with my home but with my site.

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Improve Your Writing with the Hemingway Editor

Writing Keyboard

Today I’m doing something a bit different. I’m writing this post in actual WordPress editor. Why is that different? Because earlier this month I switched to the Hemingway editor to help me improve my writing. I write in Hemingway, Hemingway lists suggestions, I make a few changes and then copy it into WordPress. It’s an extra step but the suggestions are so useful and I’ve already learned how I tend to write and the types of things I have to watch out for.

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Enable Free Shipping on a Per Product Basis

Truck Hitchhike

Just over a year ago I wrote a post which shows how to disable free shipping on a per product basis. That’s really useful for stores that like offering free shipping on just about everything everything and want to disable it one or two items. But what about people in the opposite situation? You might have one or two really tiny items like bookmarks don’t want to charge people $5 for flat rate shipping.

I figured it was time to revisit this and write a snippet that helps these people out. We can use the shipping classes built into WooCommerce combined with just a couple lines of code to make it really easy to mark any number of products eligible for free shipping.

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Wishlists Done Right

Puppy Present

Earlier this summer I was planning my 16 hour drive to Colorado and knew that podcasts wouldn’t be enough. I needed some longer stories to keep me engaged for hours at a time. I heard about Audible many times over the last couple years but it took me until this summer to finally signup.

One of the things that’s surprised me is how effective their marketing is. They maximize every piece of data they have. I’ve been especially impressed with their wishlists. I started adding books to my wishlist so that when I finished a book I could reference my list to buy the next book. What I didn’t realize was that they would use that data to get me to buy the book today.

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Podcast Compensation

Taking Wallet

Yesterday I talked about creating a happiness podcast and it’s a really exciting idea. But before I get going I really want to investigate how podcasts make money – if they can even realistically do that. I want to know before I get started whether it’s worth my while monetizing the podcast or keeping it as a pure hobby and not worrying about the money at all.

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